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Here is a copy of the Article that is referenced at the bottom of the ENewsletter article in regards to Backflow Certification Confusion, please read.

Partnership with CRWA

July 2011


Something to Talk About –
A Great New Partnership!


CRWA has entered into a partnership with the Northern California Backflow Prevention Association (NCBPA). CRWA currently provides Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Certification training in conjunction with BMI. CRWA will continue to utilize BMI and the training talents of Garret Yates but will no longer offer the CRWA/BMI certification. Now the certification exam will be administered by NCBPA. Together CRWA and NCBPA will provide training and testing that is non-threatening and comfortable for the attendee’s with an atmosphere that promotes success, not fear and failure.

Attendees will utilitize CRWA’s on-site backflow prevention assembly lab to learn and practice and NCBPA will be providing the proctors and exams. A unique feature to the testing component is that it will be offered on Friday instead of Saturday. The NCBPA certification testing program has an easy straight-forward application process that will be done in conjunction with registering for the CRWA course.

*Please note that this training will still qualify you to sit for any of the other backflow certifications available in California at this time. For those of you that have been certified under the CRWA/BMI program, it is being reviewed by NCBPA for a reciprocal license which will allow you to come into the NCBPA certification program. This is pending a formal review of the test given under the CRWA/BMI certification. For more information, please contact CRWA at 916.553.4900.

There is some confusion regarding Backflow Certification in California. In hopes of dispelling some of the confusion, we have published an article in our upcoming Journal issue and offer it to you here “
The Backflow Certification Confusion – What’s Up? And Why Is It So Confusing In California?


CRWA Launches Updated Website in AUGUST

You may have already heard from previous updates that CRWA’s website is being updated to include new features, primarily online class registration. We are very pleased to offer our members and non-members alike the ability to register and pay for their classes on our website. The new online registration feature will be launched in August and will enable users a streamlined registration experience.

Fax registrations will continue to be available and utilized.

So, if you happen to stop by our website in the next couple of months and it looks different-do not fret, CRWA is determined that the new look and capabilities of its website will not take away from its current user-friendly nature. If you do have questions regarding the new features or trouble with online registration, please contact CRWA at 916.553.4900.


Distribution Operators…and Operators-to-be

Operators: Are you registered and READY for the September 17th test?

If you’re planning on taking the Distribution Certification Review test in September, its studying time! Join us for a review course that includes a pre-test, detailed instruction on the expected range of knowledge for Distribution Operators and practice exams. The main focus is to review the many aspects of distribution systems and assist operators (and soon to be operators) with test taking skills.

Each two day class is worth 12 CDPH Water Contact Hours. Classes begin at 8am and end at 3:30pm. Classes are being held in a several locations.

Operators-to-be: Do you need a more detailed overview of Distribution?

If you’re planning on becoming certified as a Distribution Operator and need a more in-depth prep course, our
Academy of Water Education (AWE) offers a 5 day intensive class that covers all distribution related materials followed by hands on practice in our Water Lab. This course is worth 32 CDPH Water Contact Hours.

For more information,
visit us online.


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Cross Connection Control Specialist
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USA Bluebook Training
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HACH Water Training
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Welcome New CRWA Members

We would like to welcome the following new members to California Rural Water Association:

  • Black Mountain Software, Inc.
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